Pride at school

This June, we're inviting Kiwi schools to join Sweat with Pride! It's is a fun, easy way to boost student wellbeing, build team spirit and support Pride at school. 

Why your school just HAS to get involved.

Sweat with Pride has a heap of benefits for your school, staff and students.

💦 Bring your students together by building a culture of empathy and encouraging kids to celebrate their differences

💦 Get your school up from the classroom and moving to boost student and staff wellbeing and health

💦 Celebrate your school’s commitment to diversity during School’s Pride Week Aotearoa and the rest of the year

💦 Start important conversations in the classroom about rainbow wellbeing and how to be a great ally.

💦Open to all ages, all fitness levels and can take place at any location. 

How it works

Number 1

Sign up!

Register for Sweat with Pride, then head to your dashboard to create your school team.

Number 2

Grow your team

Spread the word and ask your staff, students (if appropriate) and wider school community to sign up and join your school team.

Number 3

Raise money

Ask your community to sponsor you. Every dollar your team raises will fund life changing projects for rainbow Kiwis.

Number 4

Get sweaty!

Create some healthy competition between classes, start a BoT egg and spoon race or even lunchtime skipping — there are heaps of fun ways for your school to get active together.


How students from Samuel Marsden Collegiate took on Sweat with Pride.

I'm the teacher who looks after our LGBTQ+ group at our school, and I had the awesome privilege of being part of Samuel Marsden Collegiate's SWP team in 2023.

I didn't push the kids to try Sweat with Pride last year- they brought the idea to me at the very start of the year that they wanted to be involved, and because I'd done it three times before with my book club, they wanted me to help them run it. They thought it looked fun, accessible, and a great way to contribute to the Rainbow community in NZ.

We put a team together-luckily our students are in a lot of sports teams, so meeting the minute goal wasn't too hard. The kids said that knowing they were contributing to fundraising for a great cause made them more motivated to smash their personal goals. We were lucky that we managed to have a Pride non-uniform day during Sweat with Pride to help us raise awareness of the awesome work that the Burnett Foundation does.

It was great to see our school community get behind us, with teachers and classmates donating and encouraging us.  We were so excited to see our little school team land in the top ten for our fundraising efforts!

We're gearing up for Sweat with Pride 2024, and excited to get our fundraising shoes on while we work out for at least 21 minutes a day! The students are pumped to do their best and surpass last years success, and I can't wait to see what they do!

Still got questions?

Contact us on and we can help you get set up.