Meet the trainers

Ready to sweat with the best? Who will you choose?

Photo of Björn Ready

Björn Ready

Björn will tackle any challenge that comes his way. No sweat. And this June, Björn will help YOU conquer Sweat with Pride. 

Choose Björn as your trainer if you're READY to:
⚡Undergo a real sweaty transformation into the new you.
⚡Raise life-chaging funds to support  our Rainbow coummunities.
⚡Score some rad rewards as a thank you for fundraising!

If you're into extreme sports, extreme emotions and EXTREME wisdom Björn is the guy for you.

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Photo of Greta Moveon

Greta Moveon

Love a standing desk, power walking to work and organised fun with your co-workers? Then get a move on with Greta Moveon!

Choose Greta as your trainer if you want to:
📁Get your office moving.
📁 Raise captial for the Rainbow community, set yourself a KPI and hit it. 
📁Earn some amazing swag, to show off to all your colleagues!

If you're a workplace baddie, ready to get sweaty with your water bottle in one hand and coffee in the other - Choose Greta!

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Photo of Vera Strong

Vera Strong

Vera is very strong — but her biggest muscle is her heart. She’ll lift your spirits and help you raise the bar this June.

Choose Vera as your trainer if you want to:
💪Undergo training like never before, feel amazing and get those gains.
💪Raise life-changing funds for our Rainbow community
💪Earn badges and rewards as you go!

If you've been meaning to get totally pumped, or just have a heck of a good time... you're going to need Vera to spot you.

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Photo of Wanda Farr

Wanda Farr

Walk up a sweat with Wanda Farr. She’ll lead you off the beaten path, but she’ll make sure you make it home safely!

Choose Wanda as your trainer if you want to:
🍂Super charge your wellbeing 
🍂Raise life-changing funds to support our Rainbow communities
🍂Collect some tree-mendous badges and rewards along the way.

If your favourite part of the hike is snack breaks, stopping to spot a Kereru, or snapping a pic for your story you'll be in safe hands with Wanda.

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