This June, challenge yourself to Sweat with Pride.

It’s easy to take part. Get active for at least 21 minutes every day and get your friends and family to sponsor you to support Rainbow communities.

Benefits of taking part

Sweat with Pride is an amazing way to supercharge your own wellbeing whilst raising money for a great cause! After 30 days of getting sweaty our Sweaty Bettys report having: 

💦More energy  

💦Improved sleep  

💦Better mental health 

💦Pride in taking action to support our Rainbow communities.  

How to Sweat with Pride

Number 1


It only takes a minute to sign up — no sweat!

Choose your trainer, set your fundraising goal, and just like that, you’ll be ready to Sweat with Pride!

Screenshot of a Sweat with Pride fundraising profile
Number 2

Raise money

Tell everyone you know that you’re getting sweaty for a good cause!

Get your friends and whānau to sponsor your daily sweat. Every dollar raised supports Rainbow Kiwis.

Illustration of an email being read on a smartphone
Number 3

Work up a sweat!

Get your sweat on for at least 21 minutes a day in June.

Walk, run, wheel, dance, the choice is up to you! Track your progress to keep your friends and whānau up to date.

Photo of Björn Ready stretching

You won't just be getting sweaty.

You’ll be helping to save lives by raising funds for essential mental, physical and sexual health services for Rainbow New Zealanders.  

Every dollar you raise will directly support the wellbeing of our Rainbow communities, and every move you make will supercharge your own wellbeing. 

Run, walk, wheel, shimmy or skate - there’s no wrong way to get sweaty. So, what are you waiting for? On your marks, get set, sweat!

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