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Why we’re Sweating with Pride

We’re a team of friends spread across Wellington and Auckland taking on Sweat with Pride this June to raise money for Rainbow communities! 💦🌈 AND motivate each other to get out there and get some more  exercise!

So, this June we’re fighting discrimination with perspiration, and have committed to exercising for at least 30 minutes EVERY DAY to raise money to support Rainbow Kiwis.

We'll be doing a range of activities and will likely cause some shenanigans along the way. Keep an eye on our blog posts to see what we get up to! None of us are social media artisans so we make no promises on the quality of any photos or videos produced over the course of the month 🫡😝  

What we're sweating for: 

Our schools, workplaces, and doctors’ offices are still not safe places for many Rainbow New Zealanders and it’s putting lives at risk.  

More than half our rainbow whānau have experienced mental illness. Things need to change.

The money we raise by committing to the grind this month will raise money for our Rainbow whānau to access mental health supports and healthcare services.  

This cause means a lot to us. We’d be SO GRATEFUL if you could chip in to help us reach our goal. 

Thank you sooooo much ❤️

Our Impact

So far in this year’s challenge we have…

Image of my impact

Helped to sponsor a year of training for two support line volunteers, so they can be there for people in crisis.

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Our Sweat

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Our 8 Sweaty Bettys have logged a total of 4535 minutes so far!

Our Ranking

We’re #6 out of 100 Friends/Whānau Teams

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Team Updates

Rolling into week 3

Monday 17th
As we roll into week 3 of Sweat with Pride the team got up to a range of things.

Rissa walked around on errands, Ping practiced her dual wielding skills during a table tennis match and Imogen and Emma traded outdoor sweat plans for the more comfortable indoor bike and yoga sessions. Alice and Nox went for a good walk and I swallowed too much oil water this morning 

Sunday adventures

Sunday 16th
Day 16 and lots of the team were out on adventures this Sunday. 

Ping has been deemed fit to leave isolation and went for a walk outside with her family. Her mum suggested she run but Ping knew that mean she’d need a lie down. Congratulations for getting outside Ping, ease back into it. 

Imogen and her partner went to Wellington zoo and befriended the fluffy locals. Andrew was on a supply run today, which included a couple of frying pans , and therefore has them questioning if they spent the afternoon body building 💪🏽💪🏽

Rissa and I got the Rouge out and headed down to indie festival market , we saw some neat crafts and also got sassed by a wizard and sent on a quest. 

Halfway mark

Saturday 15th
Day 15!

We are officially halfway through June and the team is $300 out from $3000

Alice and Nox went for an adventure through the forest. Emma hit the gym for arms day. Nerissa and I got our sweat doing the week’s groceries. And Imogen went for a walk with her auntie 

It's raining, we're still pouring

Friday 14th

The weather across Wellington and Auckland today is decidedly damp, but hasn’t stopped the Walkamolies from getting the sweat on.
Alice and Nox went for a walk in the park, puddles and all. I went from damp walking to the gym, to drenched diving into the pool. Andrew and Nerissa have home workouts planned , while Ping and Imogen are both still recovering.


We’re in the middle phase coming to the halfway point of June. We’re sitting at $2695 collectively as a team. With $305 more to make to hit our $3000 target.

Excited to smash it!

Thursday is leg day, mostly

Thursday 13th
Most of the team had a leg day today. Nerissa got steps in running errands around the city, and Andrew who has returned from assignment swearing went for a foraging walk today. 

I endured leg day on the bike but had good company while Emma instigated balloon tennis at the respite centre. Ping is close to freedom and built her sweat cleaning her room today 

Slow and steady wins the race

Wednesday 12th
Some of the team is down sick or tackling exams at the moment, which is it's own kind of sweat. Ping is recovering nicely, but still confined to house walks only. 

Dweep, Emma and I all hit the gym this morning, I took to the pool, had a bit of a check all systems type of a swim. Emma had a leg day in the gym.  Following up with time on the stationary bike as well. Dweep pumped the irons 💪🏽💪🏽
Nerissa got steps in today, hunting for a gift and doing a supply run!

Nox our lovely mascot came home to Alice this morning so their sweat was a big walk in the park. 

Stepping, stretching, sweating and sweeping? 🧹

Tuesday 11th
Day 11! Nerissa went for a lunchtime walk with her colleagues as part of a send off for a colleague. Alice worked up her sweat cleaning the house…never underestimate the effort required with cleaning. 

Ping is still recovering from covid but reported some athletic laundry folding… I will leave it to your imagination as to how that plays out. 
BC is still sweating on his deadlines but we all believe in him! Imogen and I had a recovery day today. I focused on my gentle stretching and also a short weight lifting session bringing packages into the house 💪🏽

Mondayitis or is it?

Monday 10th
Day 10 and we are in double digits! Into the 2nd week of Sweat with Pride!

Emma and Charlotte braved the less than pleasant Wellington weather to sweat it out at our respective gyms. Emma had a 40 minute strength session focused on arms and I swam after multiple mishaps. 

BC’s sweat was mostly of the anxiety variety and their sprinting is of the academic focus. They’ll be back to regular programming soon but for now, go well friend!

Imogen also returned to the fore after a great birthday weekend. Pumping the pedals on the exocycle!

The team is $451 away from our goal of $3000! Can you help us get there?

Mostly resting but a few good walks too

Sunday 9th
Day 9 and most the team had a well deserved recovery day. Imogen’s birthday is coming up so she’s been having a birthday weekend in Auckland with family and good food. It was grey and windy in Wellington so Emma curled up by the fire with a good book. And Ping is still recovering from covid. 

I braved the Wellington weather and took my friend Brad for a few laps around the park. BC retraced his steps to retrieve things he left at a friend’s house and Alice got her steps in on the beautiful beaches of Mangawhai today 💛

Saturday to slay

Saturday 8th
Day 8 marks 3 of our crew having hit the $500 goal post! Andrew, Imogen and Charlotte. The crew as a whole is $486 away from reaching our $3000 goal!

Today saw the crew sweat in and out of the house. 

Emma and I got our sweat count on through respective Saturday resets, housework and chores to work up the sweat. It’s ironic the cleaner my house gets , the less clean I become 😂 I also took a leaf from Imogen’s book and went gift hunting and got some steps in and some vitamin D along the way. 
BC also stuck to an indoor workout while Alice and Rissa braved the great outdoors. Alice is out in beautiful Mangawhai, enjoying the weekend markets. 
However, Nerissa wins the day! Faithfully tracking down to her local butcher and hauling several kilos of meat back up a very steep hill all on the promise of a delicious dinner tomorrow! The things we do for good food 😜

Week 1 - done and dusted!

Friday 7th
Day 7 brings an end to WEEK ONE of Sweat with Pride! 

Today Andrew (unintentionally) took the road less traveled and got lost walking on a mountain bike trail. Nerissa also got lost walking to a cider brewery. 

Imogen got her steps in hunting for a birthday gift. Alice did her sweat with her physio and rewarded herself with a delicious croissant. Dweep has been pumping irons in intervals most of the work day 💪🏽💪🏽

Ping and I were on team recovery today. Ping is doing gentle walking around home as she recovers from covid and I walked to and from the supermarket on my grocery run. 

The team is thrilled with the support we’ve had this week , it’s been mind boggling to be smashing our goals with all your support! Bring on the weekend and WEEK 2!

Closing in hot on Week 1

Thursday 6th
We're closing in on the end of week 1 of Sweat with Pride and a week it's been! 

A big thank you for all the love you've shown the team so early in the game. The team has been stoked with your support so far! 💛💛💛  Andrew and Imogen have already hit their initial targets of $500 a piece and Alice is closing in hot on the $500 too! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

As long as the team is still having fun, I'll be cracking the whip or applying puppy dog eyes (whichever is more motivational) to have them bump their targets up. The month is young and there's sweating to be done!

Today, Alice and I hit our gyms! I had a low intensity day, did some cycling and grumbled at the treadmill for cool down. Imogen did some Pilates and Emma had a fun day in the office...

Emma volunteered some her time to a local respite centre today and danced with some of the residents. The chicken dance and some seated scarf dancing too!

  At the time of writing , we're sitting in sweetly at $2,202! That's $798 away from our current goal of $3000 🎯  IN JUST WEEK ONE! That's mind boggling for us as first time Sweaters! Again, thank you for the love and support. We'll have to think up something special for when we hit $3000 🤩🤩

If you have suggestions, shoot me a message and I'll share with the team!

Chasing down (people), and fighting escalators

Wednesday 5th
Day 5 saw a peculiar theme for some of the team...

Imogen had a lunchtime walk with a colleague, and then  chased her partner home.
Andrew was doing laps of Wellington's golden mile, in search of a friend with a poor sense of direction. Nerissa walked to the pub for quiz night. Dweep had an office fire drill, that turned into a lap around the Auckland viaduct, then a gym session and  rewarded himself with a cheeky maccas ice cream 😋

Alice helped her mum in the garden today and Emma smashed a 5km walk home this afternoon.

I (Charlotte) did a lot of exercise today but most notably got into a fight with an escalator on the way home and lived to tell the tale! If you want that full story, check out my personal update from today 😝

Bench it, breathe in and babysit?

Tuesday 4th
Day 4! From your love and support we’ve hit $1500 , which is halfway to our goal of $3000 already! Thank you all so much, we want to acknowledge that everyone is in different situations these days so we truly appreciate every donation big and small 💛💛

Today, Alice pumped the irons, I snuck in a quick 1km swim as a screen break over lunch. Dweep walked the talk literally, opting for a walking meeting today with his colleague rather than a the usual sit down. 

But the winner of the day is Andrew, who’s sweat came in the form of playing with / being servant to / babysitting his 6yo cousin today. He also converted his babysitting fee to a donation, taking him to a total of $540 raised in 4 days and being the first of the team to earn the coveted Sweat for Pride jersey! 🤩🤩

Strut, strut, strut your shit

Monday 3rd
Charlotte reporting in!
Day 3 saw the team out in force, making the most of the public holiday to pound the concrete and get some steps in. 👟👟

Emma and Alice both went for walks through some weekend markets in both Pōneke and Tamaki Makaurau respectively. 

Charlotte and Rissa did some laps around their local park. 

Imogen walked her partner to work before making the return trip (4km total ) before tackling the housework 🧹🧹

On the close of day 3 the team is $50 off of our half way mark for $1500!!! 🤩🤩 From the whole team, thank you for the love you’ve shown us so far!! Your support has the team so excited (and a bit flabbergasted) that we are currently ranked 5th in the country for the Friends/Whānau category 🤯💪🏽🤩

On and upwards to $1500 with eyes on $3000 🎯🎯


Sunday 2nd
Hi there!
I'm Charlotte, apparently I'm the captain of this crew because there appears to be a 👑 next to my name 😅 I'll do my best to post regular updates on what the team is up to over the course of the month

And let me just say HOLY WALKAMOLY! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It's only been 48hrs , and we've seen so much support for the team already. We were chuffed to be ranked in the TOP 25 friends and whānau teams at the end of Day 1 and then you lot surprised us, came in swinging with the love and had us ranked 9th this morning! 🤩🤩🤩

At the time of writing, we're $245 off the halfway mark of our $3000 team goal! But I've already told the team, if we smash the $3000 target early, I'll be lifting the target bar accordingly! So excited to see where this journey takes us all!

In the first 48hrs, a wheelchair has been rolled about, a good boi has been walked ( more on him later) and several of the crew has been for walks. Ping and Dweep opened their Sweat for Pride with table tennis matches and Imogen cranked out the indoor bike.   

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Keep on sweating! Arohanui, BNZ, Spark Health, and Synthony.


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