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Why I’m Sweating with Pride

I’m taking on Sweat with Pride this June to raise money for our Rainbow communities! 💦🌈 AND to motivate more friends to get their sweat on 💪🏽

This cause means a lot to me, happy to get out there to support my rainbow friends and loved ones 💛🦊💛

I'm also doing this because I'm a huge advocate for regular exercise (and sweat!)  as a fundamental part of maintaining health and wellbeing. Depression and anxiety live rent-free in my brain, and have for years. A major part of my personal management of these challenges is exercise. It's let's me check in with myself, see what kind of mood my body is in, and clear my head (if only temporarily) . 

Those who know me, know I'm athlete at heart, I love the challenge, the sometimes pain and the daily battle with my cerebral palsy for the remote control of my body.  It's puts me in a better place and keeps me strong even if "my body is not designed for the lifestyle I force upon it" as a doctor once told me. 

So, this June I’m fighting discrimination with perspiration, and I've committed to exercising for at least 42 minutes EVERY DAY to raise money to support Rainbow Kiwis.

 I’d be SO GRATEFUL if you could chip in to help me or my teammates reach our goals. Every dollar raised will fund life-changing mental, physical and sexual health services for Rainbow New Zealanders.

Thank you sooooo much 💛 Let’s do this!🦊💦

My Impact

So far in this year’s challenge I have…

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Unlocked four counselling sessions for someone struggling with their identity or sexual health.

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My Updates

The final leg (day)

Thursday 27th Jun


Leg day is one of the things I’ll be carrying forward from Sweat with Pride, I do like being on the bike for the most part and doing bike time on a regular basis makes my physio very happy. N Given that I give her grief and mischief the majority of the time…. Doing time on the pedals is a small price to pay.

Thankfully, I didn’t have any drama this morning. The bike seat stayed where it was suppose to and I made a clean jump onto the bike on the first attempt. I was also super pleased with my cadence today. It’s been a bit of a slow adjustment relearning the movement pattern for cycling, my legs sometimes stall and I have to reboot by guiding the leg with my hand to restart the pattern, I noticed today, that I needed to do less reboots today,  and that my start was pretty clean and the reboots were only really needed from the halfway mark.


I challenged myself today, once I got halfway through my ride , I set a rule that at every 30 second mark I had to pedal at max effort for 10 seconds, then back down to normal speed. 10 reps , would take me up to my cool down time at 25 minutes. It was definitely fun, and while I don’t think I was dripping with sweat, I was definitely hot and shiny at the end of 30 minutes.

Was also super pleased to push my RPM into the low 100s range at max effort. Finished off at a distance of just over 8km. Long way to go but I’m really pleased with progress that I’ve made in a few short weeks of regular commitment.


The other positive of the short burst sprints was doing the warm down on the treadmill was genuinely welcome! Still a slow walk, but definitely needed it to recalibrate back to normal programming 😝

Push to the wall

Wednesday 26th Jun
Hat trick swims for a second week in a row! I’m always a little nervous when I glide through my warmup because it typically indicates that I’m gonna have a hard time in my main set and today was testament to that occasion. 

My body is definitely feeling the compounded effect of a month’s worth of exercise with no real recovery. Or at least not the kind of recovery my body requires. 

Today was a bit gruelling, my pain levels were a bit higher than usual so I really had to grit my teeth and push through. I did it though so I’m pretty pleased. 

And hopefully my physio session afterwards should help ease the aches and pains. 

Check all exits, before diving in!

Tuesday 25th Jun

My Monday didn’t end that well, but I did somehow clock 11,200 steps which was cool. I was ready to blow some steam this morning, douse my bad mood in chlorine and bubbles.

I definitely got the bubbles! I had the fast lane to myself this session, and the fast lane in my local pool aligns with the internal pumps. So I needed to push a little harder to cut through the added drag from the pumps. It was a good swim, and my muscles ache in a good way.


Was slightly derailed at the end of my swim, because I belatedly realised that the pool ladders had been removed! The pool walls are too raised for me to haul myself out so I had to sprint across the pool to make it to the exit ramp before I caused a traffic jam with the people entering the pool for aquafit. Lesson learned, check all exits before diving into the pool.


Monday 24th Jun

IT’S FINAL THE COUNTDOWN!! I’ve been waiting for this week, purely for the opportunity to reference Europe’s The Final Countdown as much as possible 😝

There are 7 days left of June, it’s the final push. This month has been a wild experience, my first time doing a major fundraiser and first time doing Sweat for Pride. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and my team this month, we are all very grateful and very sweaty. I’ve managed to meet my goal twice, and my team is on the cusp of our $3000 goal.


With how busy and active this past weekend has been, I was aiming for a low intensity swim, just to move and get a good stretch. Unsurprisingly le vessel protested (I anticipated this)

It felt good to get some laps in, but things didn’t feel quite right in multiple places , so I called it quits at 600m in 20 minutes. I will get my remaining sweat from walking around today, and a grocery run. And tomorrow is another day, and another swim to be had.

The biggest challenge of this whole event has been managing my body throughout. While I have made time for recovery, none of them have been complete recoveries, so le vessel is T.I.R.E.D. 7 days to go and then I can have a fat nap!


But even with June coming to close, I’m not exactly planning to pump the breaks 😝   There be new sweaty goals on my horizon.

Weekend getaway doesn’t mean a there’s no sweat 😂

Sunday 23rd Jun
It’s been a busy weekend in the Holy Walkamolies world this weekend. But still got my sweat in!
 Nerissa and I flew up to Auckland for the Brooke Fraser and Auckland Philharmonic orchestra concert this weekend. 

I was really happy that I got to catch up and chat and chow down with my Auckland Walkamolies. 

I met up with Alice on Friday afternoon and we got our steps in while doing a spot of shopping before a delicious Italian dinner. 

I met up with Ping and Dweep for lunch on Saturday afternoon after walking round Newmarket for a few hours. 
Was so busy and overexcited to see my friends that I forgot to get a group photo 😅

Saturday was a massive day for me with a total of 12,186 steps. 

Given the busy-ness of the week and how taxing travelling is in my body , I’ve had a gentler sweat today. My hips are a clicky after all the movement of the weekend so just did a gentle stretch session and a blast on the TENS machine. 

Back to normal scheduled programming tomorrow 🫡🌈

Sweatiest day so far!

Thursday 20th Jun

I think today is the sweatiest I’ve been (in the literal sense)  over the course of this month. Leg day did not go to plan this morning. I’m still trying to find my optimum happy place on the bike. I adjusted the seat and found I was really reaching for the pedals, and didn’t trust that the seat would adjust properly if I stayed on, so I dismounted. That was a mistake. Adjusted the bike seat and then my body would not cooperate about getting back on.


Now in general, my method for getting on the exercise bike is not particularly elegant, it essentially requires me bench pressing my body weight to suspend myself over the saddle and then I just wriggle and hope for the best. It’s not too bad doing it once. I did it 3 times this morning, with multiple fails in between the successes. I must have done at least 15 attempts. I was sweating with sore arms before I even started pedalling for real. So after much drama, 3 seat adjustments and internal swearing, I pulled just over 6km in 25 minutes. I included my 15 minutes of self-weight shenanigans as part of my sweat, because it really did make me sweat. I was dripping when I finally got off the bike. Also did 5 minutes cool down on the treadmill to let my legs recalibrate. Not sure how accurate the treadmill heart rate monitor was but it marked me coming down from 175 bpm at the beginning.


Today marks 10 days left of June! It’s been a journey, and looking forward to the final leg of Sweat for Pride 2024! 

Got that tingling feeling

Wednesday 19th Jun

Hat trick complete. 3 swim sessions completed back to back. It’s been a while since I’ve done that. I typically have Tuesday as a recovery day or doing a non-water based activity.

Had a really good session today, happier with my breathing and had a couple of really good moments where I could feel it all coming together. The hilarious thing about swimming is you definitely sweat but it’s also hard to tell.  Came out of the pool with tingling – well everything and I could tell my lungs have worked hard. Had a quick shower and then straight downstairs for physio, for more pain.


But the good pain, and good to get everything checked over as we work through the middle of week 3, there’s 11 days of June left! I’m $50 short of my goal of $650 and the team is closing in on $3000, currently sitting at $2780.


Let’s get it!

The thing about bubbles 🫧 🫧

Tuesday 18th Jun
Went for a swim this morning as decided i didn’t feel like walking much today. 

My breathing technique has been my major focus of my last few swims. I’ve built a bit of a bad habit of holding my breath with my mouth open when I really should be breathing out slowly while underwater.  So trying to break down one habit and rebuild the other , while trying to keep all other systems normal. Easy right? Sadly not 🤣 Just gotta make more bubbles 🫧 🫧

On Mondays we eat wake? 🌊

Monday 17th Jun

This morning was 50/50 , on the one hand I managed to stay reasonably dry commuting to and from the gym this morning = Win

On the flipside I drank a decent amount of the pool swimming next to a human torpedo this morning  and my muscles are still a bit tired from wheeling around in the Rouge yesterday.

But aside from eating wake, and the pool being unusually busy for a Monday,  it was a good workout. My kick button decided to work today, and I focused on some hypoxic (breath control) drills.

Had a good session with Physio too, mainly focusing on fixing the minor damage from yesterday’s faceplant and doing all my most (un)favourite stretches.

Sunday Market Day

Sunday 16th Jun
Today was pretty neat! Rissa Glasse and I headed out to the Lōemis Great Hall market, great little indie market. We was saw some cool crafts, got sassed by a wizard and cornered into a quest. Had an Empanada for lunch and tried dolce de Leche for the first time.  My favourite thing was just the general vibe and the music created such a cool atmosphere. 
Was also a cool experience to try my watch in wheelchair mode. So in the course of a few hours, almost 2000 pushes recorded. My biceps and fingers are all tingling. Also my back hurts because I face planted through the front door when we got home 🫠

Zero or 200 with no in between

Saturday 15th Jun
Today marks June 15 and we are half way through the month! It’s amazing on reflection how difficult this challenge is. 

I suppose it’s a matter of intensity, most people who know me know that I’m not particularly casual, about anything really. My dad once said “you have two modes, 0% or 200%, there’s no inbetween ” and he’d be right. I don’t specifically think about it, I’ve always considered it my nature, but as I get older I realise it’s conditioning too. My energy is my currency, my energy is limited and the CP drains it faster. Everything takes more effort, extra consideration, my spontaneous is a planned thing, weighing options and outcomes. If I’m committing , I’m all in. 

On paper 42 minutes of exercise felt simple and achievable as someone who considers themself pretty fit. It’s been something of a curious experiment to see how I’d cope. Mentally, I find the social media more challenging than the exercise. But it’s been hard on my body, because I don’t do things halfway. Even a low intensity day is taxing in someway to my body. 15 days with no full recovery is draining. Chipping away slowly. By no way is this is a complaint, I’m genuinely enjoying the challenge I’ve set myself , I’m enjoying the process and it’s for such a good cause and I’m so thankful to everyone who has supported me and my team so far. I guess what I wanted to say is that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but I’m glad I’m doing it anyway. 

This body was so sick last year, I was miserable. I’m so proud of where I am 8 months post-surgery. That I can be back challenging my body with something like this. There’s multiple reasons to sweat with pride. For the cause but also for myself. 

Persistence pays with patience

Friday 14th Jun

I wasn’t sure if I should be proud of myself today or not. I hadn’t planned for a high intensity set this morning. But sleep problems aside, the vessel was feeling good and I’m starting to see the fruits of my persistence.  I added a couple of new drills to my regular set a few weeks ago, and I kinda hate them. They’re hard, it can hurt and one in particular makes me feel like I’m actively trying to drown myself. But today, something clicked and my hardest drill was super clean for about 50m before I went back to interpretive drowning. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s progress towards the bigger picture that I’m excited for. And as much as I may grumble about it, leg day is also showing it’s worth. My legs are recovering much better from bike days now with minimal disruption to my ability to walk. Which was absolutely not the case in the beginning 😝

And because I was feeling good, I had an intrusive thought towards the end of my main set “sprint, sprint, sprint” ,I haven’t done any major sprint work for months, focusing more on form, endurance and technique. It was a lot of fun to go for a bit of a blat and a great way to decompress.   Hopefully I won’t pay for it too much later. Looking forward to a low-ish intensity weekend as we prep for week 3 of Sweat with Pride!

Exercise in the headspace

Thursday 13th Jun
The ironic thing is I'd been looking forward to leg day all week, and then got to leg day and zero enthusiasm to be found. Motivation? Who's she?

In fairness, the last few days have been tough.  I'm going through a bad insomnia phase and I.AM.TIRED. You might be thinking, then continuous daily exercise is probably not that good for you Charlotte? You'd be partially correct and incorrect. On the one hand, the vessel needs rest to recover from exercise, but it's not just about time asleep, it's the type of sleep. I am in fact sleeping 4-6 hours a night, but only about 90 minutes of that is recovery sleep, the rest (pun fully intended) is light level sleep which isn't restorative. And so I am tired, deeply so. And when you're tired your barriers draw down and the voices of anxiety and depression rear up. The treatment? Exercise, good, nutrition and decent sleep. 

And while the latter of that list is playing hide and seek with me, I can make attempts at the former. I can still do my daily sweat, I just need to sensible about it. I'm not looking to push high intensity workouts. I just need to move, apply some effort and shove the sad head voice and fizzy head voice back in their respective boxes. 

So maybe I didn't want to do leg day today, but motivation isn't a pendulum, it's more like a kettle.  Or at least it is for me. You put things in it, like commitment to yourself, a bit of effort to get yourself where you need to be and some sweat,  those things boil up to concoct motivation.

I'm glad I went to the gym, I'm glad I pushed the 30 minutes on the bike because I got to do it next to a new gym friend. I'm glad I endured the 12 minute warm down on the treadmill, because I could support a friend who's having a hard time next to me. Sometimes it's less about the workout and more about who you're with and who you meet in these spaces. Sometimes the gains are more about what's happening in your head and what your presence might do for someone else.

Wednesday swim done and dusted

Wednesday 12th Jun
Blog image
Stats from my swim this morning

Rollin' and resting

Tuesday 11th Jun
Blog image

I’m listening to my body and taking it gently today. I have somewhat of a lovehate relationship with listening to the vessel because, it’s not always right. But in saying that (and friends will attest), I am also, not always right either. My battery crashed quite badly at the end of yesterday, I’d had a good day but not a lot of food and given my propensity as a functioning insomniac, not much quality sleep of late either. Nerissa took the reins on dinner while I napped, waking occasionally to taste test and backseat chef. Had an early night and still feeling low battery today. These are the types of days when going outside even with good intentions is not the best idea. When I’m like this, I’m more likely to fall, and therefore injury myself. And my physio is still processing how I managed to survive the escalator without becoming wobbly mince with a major shoulder injury.


So my sweat today is being achieved through multiple short sessions of stretching and mobility exercises on the floor to make up my daily quota , and a 5 minute weightlifting session of bring my snazzy new SMARTTECH training kit inside the house! This neat set is from Les Mills is what I won through Sweat with Pride as the top recruiter. I’m super excited to unbox these and have a play. But want to get some good advice first, as playing with weights, even small amounts should be done with good technique and advice to reap the gains. The upside is that these beauties caused absolute chaos on my work chat during our semi-regular “What’s in the box game?” Some creative guesses included, long range poking stick, gladiator fighting staff, long-range tongs and a javelin. 

Mondayitis and gear failures

Monday 10th Jun
Blog image

So I had a case of Mondayitis, I woke up earlier than my alarm (the alarm is 4:15am), was suffering from high humidity and I wasn’t hungry which was problematic. Some people will train on an empty stomach or a cup of coffee but I’m not really allowed to do that. With the way my CP affects my body, I must fuel before a workout otherwise my body will burn anything it can to convert to the energy I’m demanding for the work. I have a low overall fat percentage, so my body will dip into muscle reserves if I hit the bottom of the tank. That is even more problematic.

So I managed a smoothie and a piece of toast and hoped for the best. Trotted off to the pool, got there and couldn’t find my cap, luckily I always keep a spare in my bag. Here’s me thinking I’ve beaten karma and head to the deck. Go to pull my goggles over my face, and meet air, no goggles. 😅 
Trot back to the changing room, empty my bag, no goggles. And the pair in my case were my spares. Exasperated, I trotted down to reception and asked if I could borrow a couple of sets from the lost and found box for the morning. So after 15 minutes of trotting round the gym, I was finally able to hit the water!   😅

 The lost and found goggles are some of the best I’ve ever used. I had a great swim, albeit not my usual full set as I’d lost time and had physio after. But it worked out, today’s focus was more about having a good stretch and plucking away at technique rather than high intensity work, as still reaping the gifts from the escalator last week.

When I went back downstairs for physio, I handed back the pair of goggles I hadn’t used and showed them the ones I had, and rather shamelessly asked “I don’t want to give these back, their fantastic, can I keep them?” and they let me! So for all the shenanigans I got a great pair of goggles out of it!  💪🏽💪🏽

Moral of the story, always triple check your kit, and failing that go have a look in lost and found. You might just find a rainbow 🌈

Wind, walkies and unwind with Hot Pot!

Sunday 9th Jun
Day 9 was a good time. My good friend Brad came to visit and we went for a brisk walk around the park, hoping to beat the rain before we headed off to Hotpot for lunch racking up just under 3km. In both instances I meant to take a selfie but forgot in the park and was too busy eating and chatting over lunch. 🍲🍜🍲🍜

$500 Baby!!

Saturday 8th Jun
Blog image
On just DAY 8 my goal of $500 has been achieved!! THIS IS SO DAMN COOL!! Thank you so much for all the love and support that’s got me this far in just week 1. I truly feel that I have the easy part of sweating it out and putting in intentional time for something I already enjoy. Thank you so much for reaching for your wallets to support such an important cause. As my long time friend and teammate Andrew put it “whether you’re driven by Allyship, a desire for a more inclusive world, or love for me and my friends or to spite the phobes. There are many, many reasons to donate and the money will be helping our rainbow communities around the country. So thank you again for your support!! The month is young and I wanna see how far I can go! 💛🦊💛

Saturday Recover-day

Saturday 8th Jun
Blog image
A wise bell curve saying “work as hard as you can” with the reflected bell curve saying “rest with equal intensity”

Saturday Recover-day

Saturday 8th Jun
Day 8 and Wellington threw a good day, was another recovery day for me, kept it gentle but productive in preparation for a bigger sweat tomorrow and back into high intensity on Monday. 

Today was a reset day,  sweated by cleaning my room and most of the house. Headed out in the afternoon for a dose of vitamin D with a gentle walk and to do a bit of gift hunting. 

Recovery is critical and not something I’ve ever really been good at. But it’s part of the equation when I’m asking my body to do big things.  Sweat With Pride is a month long game and a big ask for a vessel like mine regardless of the fact I’m solidly fit. Want to play hard? Then you gotta rest with equal intensity.

I spilt the peas…

Friday 7th Jun
Got up this morning and I didn’t feel flash, went about my usual routine to get ready this for pool and physio. Got halfway through making my lunch and then spilt the peas all over the kitchen floor … at 430am. I could have cried from frustration. 

Checked my phone only to see physio had been cancelled due to the clinic flooding from a burst pipe. So with accessibility to the gym in question and already feeling like shit I finished making a lunch I didn’t need, had a light breakfast and went back to bed. 

I clearly needed the rest cause I woke up 3 hours later. The vessel made things clear to tread gently today. So have been focused on recovery today. 
I had 30 minutes on the TENS machine doing an active program at low voltage and 30 minutes on a recovery program for both legs.
My sweat for the day came in the form of a grocery run. Walking there and back, the home trip loaded with an extra few kilos on my back took 45 minutes. 

It’s super important to listen to your body, whether you’re an experienced athlete and gym rat or a reluctant participant with over enthusiastic friends dragging you through a fundraising event. Recovery is key so that the fun can continue into next week!

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me this week! It’s wild to be $78 out from my goal of $500 at the end of WEEK ONE. I will absolutely be moving the goal post as the month progresses. Excited to do it! But today the wobbly rests 💛

Slow but steady, and sweating (immensely)

Thursday 6th Jun
After yesterday's debacle with the escalator I'm a tad sore so decided on a low intensity day. Given there a several more days of June left to sweat more heavily 😝

Still up early and off to the gym before work.  I feel like regardless of the level of effort cycling just makes me sweat! 2 minutes in and I could already feel it!  I did 30 minutes on the bike in 2 sets, covering a total distance of 7.5km. Cooled down on the treadmill, partly to let me legs recalibrate from pedaling. Unlike most people (I assume) my goal is to use the treadmill in slow mode because I naturally prefer to move fast, and being deliberately slow requires more mental effort for me. So I walked the slowest 12 minutes of my life for my cool down.  

It's almost the end of my day and at the time of writing I've done 7784 steps today. I'm still trying to figure out what my daily average is and what's a good daily target to set. Do you have a daily movement goal?

THANK YOU ALL for the love that you've shown me this week with your donations and messages. It's really exciting to be well into half way to my target goal of $500 before the close of the first week of June. It wouldn't be possible without your help and I'm really enjoying the momentum, and I hope you're enjoying the journey vicariously with me 💛🦊

Escalator etiquette

Wednesday 5th Jun

I could tell you that I swam another 1km and sweated through a 30 minute human panel beating session (*ahem* physio *ahem*) this morning. This is true.

But you really wanna hear about my afternoon - So here’s the thing people, if you didn’t know, there’s an appropriate way to ride escalators.

Today, I did not follow those rules, because sometimes my body just lands me in ridiculous situations and people think I plan these things but seriously, I’m mostly just a passenger in the vessel called my body and I fight for the controller against my cerebral palsy and karma of the universe, at the same time. Always.

I was in hurry to get home as I had a large package waiting at my front door that I anxiously wanted to get secure in the house. I jumped on the escalator to make my way to the bus stop, and things went sideways. Literally.


My fellow humans, it is generally considered good health and safety practise to ride escalators in the standard upright position. I DO NOT recommend under ANY circumstances suggest alternate positions. Especially while wearing a dress.

I somehow ended up with my feet on an upper step and my upper body at least 3 steps apart hanging in the general direction of the downward descent. I couldn’t get my legs back under me and there was no way to brace and haul my upper body because unfortunately escalators are in constant motion. I took one glance at the metal steel trap beneath me which suddenly felt like a human cheese grater and briefly considered a plan of hoping to be a human bar of soap and pray that the slide down wouldn’t sherd me or my (new) dress to pieces.- Not liking the odds of that nor the idea of the rest of this month’s exercise being inhibited injury by stupidity I made the executive decision that my best hopes of survival with minimal bodily injury was to cling and maintain my unintended position and just sort myself out at the bottom in whatever state I arrived.


You’ll be pleased to know that a lovely gentleman dropped all his files on the floor to catch me at the bottom of the escalator.

I had to escape the confines of my gym/work bag before we could get me off the floor. But, point is, I survived, my dress survived, and my dignity will eventually recover.

I thanked the people who helped profusely, laughed a bit and then mounted  the next escalator with extreme caution to finally get to my bus stop below.


I called my sister at the bus stop and her immediate response after a tentative hello was “Oh dear god, you never call out of the blue, what have you done now? How broken are you?”

We laughed so hard that I had tears in my eyes (I’m honestly still laughing as I write this) , and my sister rightly concluded “I think that this is by far the most ridiculous shenanigan you’ve managed to get yourself into to date.” And she’s likely right.

So my fellow humans, remember the tale of a wobbly who almost got eaten by an escalator and observe proper escalator etiquette.  

Pool, push and pain (the good kind)

Tuesday 4th Jun
Had a busy morning full of Teams meetings so stepped away over my lunch break to churn out 1km at my local pool, in exactly 45 minutes. 

A quick trot to the supermarket afterwards let me get some extra steps in too. Finished the day with a quick (though painful) 15 minute stretch session. Turns out pain also makes you sweat 😅

Loop da laps at the local park

Monday 3rd Jun
Blog image
Summary at the end of today’s walk. Image description: black watch face with gold rim showing 3.6km in 45 minutes and 52 seconds

Apparently I'm a bannerman?

Sunday 2nd Jun
Closing in a 4.6km , in just under an hour , and a total step count of 8,101. Errands are a great way to get exercise , especially when Wellington gives you a nice day too! ⛅  

Day 2 and we're sticking with the art theme this weekend! I've been waiting with great anticipation for a print I ordered at the beginning of the year to arrive, which it did earlier in the week, along with the two pieces I brought yesterday at the NZ Art Show, I had a decent pile of art in need of framing so I carefully packed my bag with it's precious cargo and headed off to For Art's Sake, my favourite place to get art and photos framed.

My teammate Rissa also had some work to frame so she came too 🙂 She said with my big piece sticking out of my backpack I looked like a bannerman 😝 In total we had about 12 pieces of art between us so the first part of our walk was done carefully.  

With the art dropped off and the frames decided, we trotted off to Pickle and Pie for a fuel stop and then continued our walk through the city. With some window shopping along the way 👀 We started the day with weight and we finished it with weight too. On the final leg home, we loaded our bags with the week's groceries and walked the final stretch home. 


Saturday 1st Jun
1st day of June, first day of winter and starting off Sweat with Pride with my beautiful purple Rouge! (that’s the wheelchair model)
Headed out to the NZ Art Show with my Holy Walkamolies teammates Rissa and Imogen. 

I’ve committed to 42 minutes of exercise for every day of June, but being the overachiever I am, I clocked 4.2 hours of a full body wheelchair workout to kickoff this fundraiser 😂😅 If you’d like to sponsor me or my other Holy Walkamolies teammates links ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

I don’t use Rouge very often, but I do prefer to use it when I’m going out to galleries or museums so I can actually appreciate the exhibitions and not have worry about my balance or heaven forbid crashing into an exhibit! 🙃

Now you may be thinking, that doesn’t sound very strenuous or sweat inducing, but don’t be fooled! Wellington is notoriously NOT flat and camber is enemy #1. I’ve got the Rouge in manual mode, so I’m doing all the pushing over terrain and undulation changes and that’s just outside…Indoors requires less effort but more control, dodging people, wayward feet and avoiding damaging expensive art works! 

We were at the show for 2.5 hours, but also walked to lunch and then to back to Imogen’s house, and while the map looks flat, the incline up Willis St is no joke! So in total I’ve covered about 6km and 1000 pushes today. My biceps are burning and muscles are tingling and I’m ready for a lie down now.

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Woohoo! Get it!



Loved "Escalator etiquette"!


Thomas H

Great Job Charlotte


Mel from the gym




Sam C

Most people donate $50

Please give what you can.

I’d love to hear more from Sweat with Pride