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Why we’re Sweating with Pride

We’re taking on Sweat with Pride this June to raise money for Rainbow communities! 💦🌈

Our schools, workplaces, and doctors’ offices are still not safe places for many Rainbow New Zealanders and it’s putting lives at risk.  

More than half our rainbow whānau have experienced mental illness. One in five of our rainbow rangatahi (youth) have attempted suicide. And STIs like syphilis, mpox and HIV are still far too common. Things need to change. 

So, this June we’re fighting discrimination with perspiration, and have committed to exercising for at least 21 minutes EVERY DAY to raise money to support Rainbow Kiwis.

This cause means a lot to us. We’d be SO GRATEFUL if you could chip in to help us reach our goal. Every dollar we raise will fund life-changing mental, physical and sexual health services for Rainbow New Zealanders.

Thank you sooooo much ❤️

Our Impact

So far in this year’s challenge we have…

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Unlocked a group peer support session for 20 Rainbow Kiwis.

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Our 3 Sweaty Bettys have logged a total of 490 minutes so far!

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We’re #3 out of 95 Friends/Whānau Teams

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Thank you to our Sponsors




Lesli Dodge

You are my HERO! Keep up the amazing work and get ready for a Big Hug soon......ish. XXXX




Carol Rampling

I know you can do this. I believe in you. Smash it like last time ❤️


Sandy Wild


Rachel Board

Good luck Sandy - you are a true inspiration xx



Woohoo - we need to start fundraising.



Welcome to Aunty Joss. Don’t forget to sponsor yourself and share your fundraising link. I’ve started you off ❤️❤️


Annie Bates

Good luck


Tracy Foster

Keep going Sandy! Xx


Victoria Sayer

You can do this Sandy! x


Caroline Coates

What a fabulous initiative this is! Mental health issues are sadly far too common in this day and age, especially amongst the young. A massive well done to you for getting stuck in and making a difference x



You’ve got this


Mark & Michelle

A true inspiration to so many. You’re amazing 🤩


Marilyn And Nigel

Berri thinks you’re a star. Well done. We need to celebrate with coffee when you’re finished.



Go Sandy. You’re an inspiration.



Kia kaha Sandy. You totally got this. ❤️


Kellie Loader

Look forward to updates my friend

Most people donate $50

Please give what you can.

I’d love to hear more from Sweat with Pride
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