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Why I’m Sweating with Pride

I’m taking on Sweat with Pride this June to raise money for our Rainbow communities! 💦🌈

Every day I find myself sweating on the farm doing "farmersize" - fencing, walking hills, lugging heavy equipment. I figure why not raise funds for a great cause while I'm at it?

Our schools, workplaces, and doctors’ offices are still not safe places for many Rainbow New Zealanders and it’s putting lives at risk.

More than half our rainbow whānau have experienced mental illness. One in five of our rainbow rangatahi (youth) have attempted suicide. And life changing STIs like syphilis, mpox and HIV are still far too common. Things need to change.

So, this June I’m fighting discrimination with perspiration, and I've committed to exercising for at least 21 minutes EVERY DAY to raise money to support Rainbow Kiwis.

This cause means a lot to me. I’d be SO GRATEFUL if you could chip in to help me reach my goal. Every dollar I raise will fund life-changing mental, physical and sexual health services for Rainbow New Zealanders.

Thank you sooooo much ❤️

My Impact

So far in this year’s challenge I have…

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Empowered thousands of Rainbow Kiwis with information on safe sex and relationships.

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My Updates

End of the month!

Sunday 30th Jun
Well, I have sucked at promotion of this thing, and I haven't been great at logging the effort this month, but I DID get out there and get sweaty each and every day this month.

Some days (like the day we lost all our power), I did yoga because it was pouring with rain. But other days I found breaks and cleared a bunch of fences, (mostly) erected an entirely new fence, emptied culverts, lugged wheelbarrows of stuff up hills, or got out to spray back the weeds. In total, I did 1025 minutes of sweating - just over 17 hours, and an average of 34 minutes per day. Wow!

I got more active, our fences are in considerably better condition, and we raised some funds for rainbow communities together. 

Thanks so much for getting behind me.


Gorse clearing

Friday 7th Jun
Blog image
Spent 50 minutes cutting, moving, and throwing gorse today as I began work on re-routing one of our fences. I had hoped to do more, but there was more gorse than I thought, and the rain has swept in. Still, definitely got today's sweat in.

Day 1: 50 minutes clearing grass by hand

Saturday 1st Jun
Blog image
That's a stretch of fence line clear, and the first day done.

Counting down

Thursday 30th May
Blog image
Just two days until this thing is all go. Over the last month, Richard and I have cleared the entire fence line of two paddocks. Granted, these are the easiest paddocks, but the progress is encouraging.

There's still heaps of fencing work to get done, and gorse to cut down. Plenty of hills to walk up and down, and up and down.

Thanks for your support. 

One week in!

Saturday 27th Apr
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Hello friends,

Thank you so much for your early support as I Sweat With Pride. I've just logged another 60 minutes for the week (though I've probably done more - got to leave something to do in June when the challenge ramps up).

This week on the farm I've:
- finished the fence I was banging all those posts in for (pictured). Lots of walking up and down 100m of hilly and unstable terrain.
- fixed a fence - including replacing a fence post - between Paddocks 3 and 4. I think I'm going to have to replace all 14 fence posts on that line at some point in the nearish future, so I've got some thinking to do about that.
- winnowing the sunflower seeds I collected off my sunflower patch (good upper-body work-out that one).
- sprayed up the driveway, where new seedlings are quickly sprouting - walking up a hill with 10 litres strapped to your back always gets the heart pumping!

I'm thinking I'd like to give all my supporters some sunflower seeds as a token of thanks. I won't be able to ship them overseas, but if you have a New Zealand-based address you'd like me to send some sunflower seeds to, send it to me via a DM on Instagram (@kats_garden).

Thanks again for your donations - it's so wonderful to have you cheering me on.


Thank you to my Sponsors


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Go Kat!




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You go girl.


Kat Jenkins


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Farmercize! Go Kat! Great cause.



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