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Fight discrimination with perspiration

Work up a sweat every day this June to raise funds for life-changing Rainbow and Takatāpui support services


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Your sweat will change lives

Schools, workplaces, and doctors’ offices are still not safe places for many of our communities and it’s putting lives at risk. 

More than half our rainbow whānau have experienced mental illness. One in five of our rainbow rangatahi (youth) have attempted suicide. And STIs like syphilis, mpox and HIV are still far too common in our community

Work up a sweat for at least 21 minutes every day this June and get your friends and family to sponsor you to fund life-changing support services for Rainbow Kiwis.

Every dollar you raise will directly support our Rainbow communities, and every move you make will supercharge your own wellbeing.

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You raised $50k, BNZ, Spark Health, and Synthony matched it with another $50k – That's $100k to fund life-changing support services for Rainbow Kiwis… IN LESS THAN THREE HOURS 🤯

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Choose your trainer

This year, you’re getting your own Perspirational Trainer! Choose your trainer and sign up today.

Björn Ready

Björn will tackle any challenge that comes his way. No sweat. And this June, Björn will help YOU conquer Sweat with Pride.

Greta Moveon

Love a standing desk, power walking to work and organised fun with your co-workers? Then get a move on with Greta Moveon!

Vera Strong

Vera is very strong — but her biggest muscle is her heart. She’ll lift your spirits and help you raise the bar this June. 

Wanda Farr

Walk up a sweat with Wanda Farr. She’ll lead you off the beaten path, but she’ll make sure you make it home safely!

How to Sweat with Pride

Number 1


It only takes a minute to sign up — no sweat!

Choose your trainer, set your fundraising goal, and just like that, you’ll be ready to Sweat with Pride!

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Number 2

Raise money

Tell everyone you know that you’re getting sweaty for a good cause!

Get your friends and whānau to sponsor your daily sweat. Every dollar raised supports Rainbow Kiwis.

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Number 3

Work up a sweat!

Get your sweat on for at least 21 minutes a day in June.

Walk, run, wheel, dance, the choice is up to you! Track your progress to keep your friends and whānau up to date.

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